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2000 AD Covers Uncovered – Kroom Harvee!

Who judges the judges? Prog 2027 sees Judge Dredd give his final assessment of Harvey, one of the fearsome, more advanced Mark 8 Mechanismo Units. These new and improved versions of the Justice Department lawbots are no less deadly, yet more empathic versions of the Mechanismo droids we’ve seen before. Has Tek Division got it right this time?

Tharg asked exceptional artist Matt Ferguson to provide one of his trademark ubercool covers for the series and, of course, Matt didn’t disappoint!

Below we see Matt’s rough sketches for the image. In a nod to his sold out Vice Press Block War print and his seminal Prog 1984 cover (a few prints of these are still available over at Vice Press,) we see the law machine against a glorious, ad-free moon! 

Below are Matt’s initial sketches…

Drokking Hedgehogs!

Harvey’s back seat driver didn’t last very long.

The chosen idea is refined for maximum coolness…

“No tailgating Creep!”

With the composition sorted, work begins on Harvey…

Bike-cop-on-it Exploder (sorry.)

Harvey REALLY starts taking shape – terrifying!

Ugh! He’s got oil patches under his armpits!

Next the background elements are added. Squaxx will recognise at least one of those names, that of the magnificent Mr Chris Weston who gave Matt some feedback on the buildings and general thoughts on composition. Matt modestly said “It’s always good to get feedback from people, they always spot stuff I can do better!” 

The other block name is that of fellow artist Mark Englert, whose exceptional Taco Belvedere blog is well worth a few hours of your time! 

Will Dredd keep death off the roads?

 And with that, this astounding cover is finished. Huge, huge thanks to Matt for sending the impossibly cool images. Please check out his awesome website at 

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2000AD Covers Uncovered – Harvey Wall Clanger!

Trial by Machine is back! John Wagner and John McCrea bring full metal justice to the streets of Mega City One in the blistering new Judge Dredd thriller Harvey, beginning in Prog 2024. With justice department resources at an all time low, Chief Judge Hershey looks to the troubled Mechanismo Programme to help bring some order to the Chaos. After the previous catastrophic failings of the robotic judges, have Tek Division finally got it right?

I asked celebrated artdroid John McCrea to tell us about his creation of the brilliant cover for the opening episode. He said “The story focuses on a Mechanismo robot called Harvey, and as the film Harvey, starring Jimmy Stewart and his eponymous 8ft tall invisible rabbit, is one of my favourite movies ever ( though a lot of Jimmy Stewart’s films are in my favourite list!) I thought a tribute to the movie poster would be cool…

Jimmy Stewart loved Easter…

“So I roughed out a sketch (I thought about having Dredd sitting down but didn’t have the artistic chops to pull it off) and plonked the logo on it to give Tharg an idea of the finished cover. It got the green thumbs up.”

Barry Manilow visits Megacity-One

And with a nice logo added…

Dredd outside Isaac Asimov Block

“I printed out the pencils and inked them on a lightbox. Then I went and had a sandwich. Beetroot, humous, basil and pepper, lightly toasted. Honest, it’s fantastic. And a cup of tea. I walked back to the drawing board, looked at the inks, hated the Dredd figure and started again.”

Here are the inks that John hated, maybe HE should go and see Dr Sanderson…

Behold! The unloved inks of the monster that is John McCrea!

“I wanted the Dredd figure to be more dynamic- he was a little to startled looking in my previous attempt. Dredd is never startled. Pissed off, annoyed, grumpy maybe, but never startled, surprised, shocked etc…”

A more pissed off, annoyed and grumpy Dredd. 

” I decided to use more of an ink wash finish this time round ( I’d been doing a lot of that on my Dreddwolf story for IDW and I had some spare ink left on my mixing plate (49p from Ikea… ))”

Dredd and his shadow, shooting up the avenue…

“I then send the art to Mike Spicer in Americaland and shortly thereafter it returns, looking lovely and ready to print. Total time, 2 days. Hope you like it, Earthlets!”

A cold, hard law machine and a robot called Harvey.

Awesome! I love this cover and John’s interiors are amazing! We are totally spoilt at the moment as this week also sees the release of IDW’s “How of the Wolf.” This Deviations tale asks what would happen if Dredd remained a werewolf after the events of the famed ‘Cry of the Werewolf’ tale. 

HUGE thanks to John for sending the images and excellent write up, this Dredd tale is going to be wild!