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2000 AD binders are back – NEW design with Brian Bolland wraparound cover!

Store your copies of 2000 AD in style with the new design for the 2000 AD Thrill-Containment Binder!

This limited edition Cordex Binder, with full colour litho-printed cover, has been specially designed to hold 28 issues of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and measures 297x230mm with a 90mm spine.

The design for the edition of the popular binders – which are limited to 500 copies – is the classic wraparound Judge Dredd cover by legendary artist Brian Bolland from 2000 AD Prog 236 (Cover date: 31 October, 1981).


Previous binder designs sold out quickly so make sure you grab yours now before they run out! 

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Engineered to withstand Nu-Earth – the new Rogue Trooper T-shirts!

Bred for war, a legend forged in the poisoned wastelands of Nu Earth – he is the Rogue Trooper … and you too can now go equipped for war with the new range of quality Rogue Trooper T-shirts!

Whether it’s one of his bio-chipped buddies, the Nort and Souther logos, or the original series logo, there’s no better way to ensure you’re ready to face the poisonous wastelands of Nu-Earth!

All print-on-demand T-shirts come with multiple sizes, colours, and whole-chest and left-chest options!

Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Gibbons, Rogue Trooper is the blue-skinned soldier fighting his own war amidst the choking chem clouds of this tainted planet, trapped between two opposing and intractable armies as he hunts for the Traitor General who betrayed the Genetic Infantrymen, his only company the digital personalities of his three dead comrades – Bagman, Gunnar, Helm – encoded into his equipment.


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The ’70s T-shirt Collection – wear your favourite classic British comic book logo!

It was the golden age of kids’ comics – and classic comic book logos from the 1970s are now available on quality T-shirts!

Available in multiple sizes and colours, these carefully recreated designs recreate the classic masthead logos from some of IPC’s most popular titles, whether it’s humour titles such as Krazy, Whoopee!, Corr!!, or Whizzer and Chips; adventure and action with Fantastic; humour horror with Shiver & Shake and Monster Fun; or girls’ comic magazine Pink.

They’re the great retro gift for the comics fan in your life – order today!


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‘Gaze Into The Fist of Dredd’ – the iconic T-shirt returns!

Back by popular demand – the iconic ‘Gaze Into The Fist of Dredd’ T-shirt returns to the 2000 AD webshop!

It’s one of the greatest panels in comic book history – and now you can wear this definitive Judge Dredd moment with pride!

Dredd is no ordinary man and not even Judge Fear showing him his greatest terrors can stop him from protecting Mega-City One – by any means necessary! Taken from 2000 AD Prog 227 in 1981 during the ‘Judge Death Lives’ storyline, Brian Bolland’s ‘Fist of Dredd’ panel is regularly cited by fans as one of Dredd’s biggest moments.

This quality T-shirt truly does the moment justice, highlighting the legendary Dredd artist’s world-famous clean line and undeniable style while also reminding Dredd-heads old and new of the power of the law!

Available in multiple sizes and colours, it’s the T-shirt that packs a punch!


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Order the David Aja Judge Dredd ‘smoking gun’ print

The legendary store Gosh! Comics and Rebellion are proud to announce a new print of artist David Aja’s incredible Judge Dredd ‘smoking gun’ image!

Originally produced to celebrate Old Stoneyface’s 40th anniversary, this moody, iconic shot of Dredd is available to order as a limited edition two colour A3 screen print.

Printed on 250gsm Gmund Bauhaus stock, there are only 300 copies of this stunning print, and each edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by David Aja, for just £25.

You can now pre-order the print from the Gosh! webstore for mail order or in-store collection. Order now before the print goes on sale on Wednesday 16th June.

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Get your favourite classic 2000 AD logo on a T-shirt and wear your Thrill-power with pride!

The 2000 AD logo T-shirts are back – tell the world you’re a Squaxx Dek Thargo with the new range of classic designs!

Featuring the classic 2000 AD logos from 1977 until today, as well as the legendary masthead for the short-lived but influential Starlord, this new range of quality T-shirts are ideal for fans, whether they were there at the beginning or have become Squaxx Dek Thargo since!

  • Available in both unisex and women’s cuts on Fruit of the Loom shirts, in black, white, blue, olive, and red colours, these shirts comes in sizes up to 3XL (unisex) and 2XL (women’s).

So don’t delay – check out the full range of 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics T-shirts at the link below!


  • These are print on demand T-shirts, please allow between 5-10 working days for items to be printed and dispatched.

2000 AD – The Original logo


Designed by Doug Church, this was the logo that blazed onto newsstands in 1977 – with its bold, curving line and chunky 3D letters looking like a horizontal exclamation mark ending in an explosive point, it was title, logo, and mission statement rolled into one! This T-shirt proudly bears the original logo for 2000 AD, the comic of the future, in glorious red and gold!



Created in 1978, Starlord was the sister comic to 2000 AD, a glossier, bigger, and pricer stablemate designed to cash in on 2000 AD‘s runaway success as sci-fi became the trend of the late 1970s. Although it was folded into 2000 AD after just 22 issues, it had an enduring impact on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, with Strontium Dog becoming one of its biggest series and Ro-Busters spawning the popular series ABC Warriors.

2000 AD/Starlord


By late 1978 Starlord may have gone but it lived on in 2000 AD – and became part of the iconic masthead! This T-shirts bears the classic logo that ran on 2000 AD from February to June 1979 (Progs 100-118). Created in 1978, Starlord was the sister comic to 2000 AD, a glossier, bigger, and pricer stablemate designed to cash in on 2000 AD’s runaway success as sci-fi became the trend of the late 1970s. Although it was folded into 2000 AD after just 22 issues, it had an enduring impact on the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, with Strontium Dog becoming one of its biggest series and Ro-Busters spawning the popular series ABC Warriors.

2000 AD/Starlord


Starlord‘s impact on 2000 AD was long-lasting, and the combined logo went through TWO separate designs. This T-shirt bears the second 2000 AD/Starlord logo that ran on 2000 AD covers from June – August 1979 (Progs 119-126).

2000 AD/Tornado


The second stablemate title to be folded into 2000 ADTornado ran for 22 issues between March and August 1979. Originally to be called Heroes and edited by “Big E” (otherwise known as artist Dave Gibbons in a superhero suit), Tornado featured stories such as The Mind of Wolfie SmithAngry PlanetBlackhawk and the one-page comedy series Captain Klep. This logo ran on 2000 AD covers from October 1979 to April 1980 (Progs 134-159).

2000 AD – Classic ’80s arch


One of 2000 AD‘s longest-running logos, the futuristic, arching typeface greeted readers during the first great ‘golden age’ of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic in the 1980s. Bearing the legend ‘Featuring Judge Dredd’, this logo ran on 2000 AD covers from September 1980 to December 1987 (Progs 178-554).

2000 AD – 1990s ‘fan’ logo


Created by designer Steve Cook, the classic ‘fan’ logo debuted in 1988 with a major redesign of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. Its cool, stylish lines and unconventional placement in the top left corner of the cover gave artists more space to innovate, with many of 2000 AD‘s most stunning covers appearing during its run on covers from January 1988 to June 1993 (Progs 555-841) and was the inspiration behind 2000 AD‘s current logo.

2000 AD – Rebellion era logo


Designer Steve Cook reimagined his classic ‘fan’ logo for the Rebellion era of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – a new ‘golden age’ that has seen 2000 AD go from strength to strength! This logo has been a part of 2000 AD‘s covers since March 2001 (with a brief rectangular version between 2010 and 2011) to today – and into the future!

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Back by popular demand – order the new 2000 AD Thrill-Containment Binder!

Store your copies of 2000 AD in style with the new 2000 AD Thrill-Containment Binder! 

This limited edition Cordex Binder, with full colour litho-printed cover, has been specially designed to hold 28 issues of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and measures 297x230mm with a 90mm spine.

The design for the edition of the popular binders – which is limited to 500 copies – is a wraparound cover by superstar artist Jock (Batman, The Losers) which was used on 2000 AD Prog 1450, published in 2005.

Previous binder designs sold out within weeks so make sure you grab yours now before they run out! 


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The hit game of the ‘80s – Block Mania – is back with a brand new edition from Rebellion Unplugged!

Rebellion is delighted to announce a limited edition re-issue of the classic board game based on the world of Judge Dredd – as well as the Mega-Mania expansion set, featuring the Happy Hour expansion!

Block Mania is the classic two-player game of manic destruction in Mega-City. Each player controls the citizens of an entire Mega-City block, as they attempt to destroy the block next door – or at least do it a lot of damage before the Judges arrive!



It brings the classic work of Space Hulk designer Richard Halliwell back to print for the first time in decades.

Relive the chaos of hives soaring in bat-suits; hungry alien Kleggs commandeering Sky-Rail cars; and City-Def forces infiltrating the neighbouring block to blow it to smithereens, before the Judges unleash the riot foam to shut you down!

Each box contains:

  • Two different, full-colour game boards – each depicting an entire Mega-City block.
  • 180 counters representing the Citizens, weapons and equipment of the blocks, as well as damage, collapse and fire markers.
  • A deck of 54 full-colour, double-sided playing cards, used to play numerous dirty tricks during the game. When the last card is played the quick fire endgame begins as the Judges arrive.
  • A detailed, comprehensive rulebook with extensive diagrams, examples of play and players’ notes giving tips on strategy and tactics.
  • A handy Blockers’ Manual telling players all about how to use the multitude of citizens, weapons, hardware and instruments of total destruction in the game.
  • And, of course, two six-sided dice! 

Mega-Mania expands Block Mania with additional counters and two new boards, allowing up to four players to join in the chaos at once.

And for the first time the Happy Hour expansion is also included, adding Robo-Dogs, Sucker Guns and Trip Mines to the fray!

Don’t miss this chance to grab a copy of this classic boardgame, so arm up and prepare to go crazy!

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Original Charley’s War Art Limited Edition Screen Print

One of the greatest comics of all time and a moving tribute to the power of comic book art – the stunning replica screen print of a page from the groundbreaking Charley’s War is now available to order.

From the archives of the Treasury of British Comics, the world’s largest archive of English-language comics, Rebellion Unplugged is proud to present this limited edition screen print of art by the legendary artist Joe Colquhoun from Charley’s War episode #230.

This beautiful print is available on both paper and Bristol Board from the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops.



This scale replica is taken from new high-resolution scans of Colquhoun’s breath-taking original art. Five layers of hand-pressed screen printing captures the creative process of the original page, through pencils, inks, hand lettering, and art fixes, to produce an artefact that is faithful both to its creator’s vision and to the lost art of making comic books.

This limited edition screen print is hand-numbered, and printed on archival quality acid-free Somerset satin 410gsm white paper, with a variant edition of 25 copies printed on artists’ Bristol Board to match the original. It reproduces the artwork in its original size of 400*470mm.

Originally printed in Battle Picture Weekly in August 1979 the page opens the strip’s dramatic portrayal of the blitz on London, and showcases Colquhoun’s incredible linework and storytelling.

Written by British comics legend Pat Mills and illustrated by Colquhoun, Charley’s War tells the story of underage British soldier called Charley Bourne, who enlists at the outbreak of World War One and goes on to experience the horror of the trenches and witness the brutal treatment ordinary soldiers received to serve the selfish interests of those in power.

Considered by many to be the greatest war comic of all time, and this new print is a testament to the extraordinary and under-appreciated talent of the artist who brought it to life.

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“I am the law!” Celebrate Anthrax’s 40th anniversary with the ‘Among The Living’ graphic novel

Charlie Benante and Scott Ian Assemble An All-Star Line Up of Writers and Artists For Ambitious Anthology Paying Tribute to Their Landmark 1987 Album

Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Z2 gives music fans something to celebrate with news of one of the publisher’s most ambitious projects yet! The Among the Living graphic novel pulls together a who’s who of names from around comics and music for a track by track storyline inspired by one of heavy metal’s most iconic albums! Today’s announcement brings news that the band’s cofounders Charlie Benante and Scott Ian have teamed with the leading publisher of music tie-in graphic novels to assemble an all-star cast of famous fans to bring the band’s breakthrough album to the printed page for the first time!


“Doing a comic book has always been a huge goal for me” say Anthrax co-founder, Charlie Benante. “I’ve tried for years, but something always comes up and sidetracks me. I was ecstatic when Josh Bernstein brought the idea to us to do a graphic novel based on our album Among the Living.  I felt that it was the perfect time and opportunity to fulfill that dream. I am a lifelong artist and have been drawing during the pandemic more than ever, so I had the idea to bring my own artwork to this project.  As a fan of the Judge Dredd series since the 80’s, it was an honor to create cover art based off of Dredd and Judge Death. The amount of talent that is going into this project is astounding, I scratch my head just thinking about it!”

An anthology narrated by longtime mascot “The Not Man” newly designed by Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead); Among the Living unites Charlie Benante and Scott Ian with writers Brian Azarello, Grant Morrison, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Corey Taylor, Joseph Trohman, Gerard and Mikey Way, and Rob Zombie, with more to be announced. Artists include Roland Boschi, Maan House, Scott Koblish, Darick Robinson, and Erik Rodriguez, and more, with covers by Charlie Benante, JG Jones, and Eric Powell. Bandmembers Benante and Ian will collaborate on an original story inspired by the fan favorite anthem “I Am the Law,” featuring the legendary comic book antihero Judge Dredd, in partnership with 2000 AD. This will make official the decades long connection between the character and the band, rewarding comic book fans and metalheads alike!

This extensive project will be offered in multiple formats, with deluxe and super deluxe editions inclusive of special picture disc vinyl, an exclusive MadBalls™ toy, art prints, and even a gold record plaque! All editions are available to order directly from Z2’s website now, with Charlie Benante’s Judge Dredd variant exclusive to preorders of the standard edition!

About Z2 Comics:

Z2 is the premier destination for top quality music-based comics and graphic novels, having worked across genres to deliver an authentic experience to diverse audiences. Some of the publisher’s best-selling books include Apocrypha: The Legend of BABYMETAL, YUNGBLUD Presents: The Twisted tales of the Ritalin Club and Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel, alongside debut works of graphic fiction by Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides), DJ Paul Oakenfold, internet sensation Poppy, jazz trumpeter Dave Chisholm and others. Z2’s upcoming works include books created with partnership with The Grateful Dead, Sturgill Simpson and others.