Galaxy’s Greatest: 2000 AD 45th Anniversary

The 45th 2000 AD Anniversary

Here’s what happened…

Event Details

The Galaxy’s Greatest: 2000 AD at 45 was the star-studded online convention celebrating four and a half decades of the groundbreaking British comic, 2000 AD!

Taking place over the weekend of 26-27 March, the event threw a spotlight on just some of the creators who have helped make 2000 AD the galaxy’s greatest comic while also exploring the impact it has had far beyond its pages, from comedy to politics! With more than 60 guests over 21 panels, as well as the debut of a brand new Judge Dredd role-playing game, The Galaxy’s Greatest is a true celebration of 45 years of groundbreaking and anarchic comic books.

Catch up on the full stream for each day, or the individual panels, and make sure to checkout the bonus Fringe panels!

Full Day Streams

2000 AD @ 45 Day One

2000 AD @ 45 Day Two

Saturday Panels

2000 AD: Beyond Borders

On 2000 AD: Beyond Borders, host Kelly Kanayama talks to 2000 AD writers Arthur Wyatt and Michael Carroll (Judge Dredd) and artist Chris Burnham (Judge Dredd, Batman) about their perspectives on this quintessentially British comic book export.

Authors on 2000 AD

In this panel, comedian and broadcaster Robin Ince talks to best-selling crime writer Ian Rankin, award-winning sci-fi author Lauren Beukes, and popular children’s writer Louie Stowell about comics, prose, and the influence of 2000 AD.

2000 AD Beyond the Pages

For four and a half decades 2000 AD has influenced more than just comics. Comedian Sarah Morgan talks to Rowan Hooper from New Scientist magazine and writer David Quantick about 2000 AD’s influence far beyond its pages.

The Crisis Generation

The second wave of the ‘British Invasion’ no less an impact on American comics than the first. Host Torunn Grønbekk talks to Garth Ennis, Sean Phillips and John McCrea, all of whom graduated from the ‘mature comics’ boom of the late ’80s and early ’90s and went on to have a huge impact on the industry.

Comics and Politics

Rebellious, anarchic and anti-authority, 2000 AD has always been deeply political – but what is the crossover between politics and comics? And what kind of political career gets inspired by 2000 AD? Host Michael Molcher talks to MPs Stella Creasy and Alex Sobel, alongside political commentator and author Ian Dunt about politics, comics, and Tank Girl as a role model (?)

Next Generation Writers

Host Michael Molcher talks to three writers who pushing the boundaries of 2000 AD storytelling: from all-ages series like ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ by writer Alex de Campi, to the … mature adventures of ‘Devlin Waugh’ by Aleš Kot and writer Rob Williams’s fresh perspectives on legendary characters like ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘Hershey’.

Critics on 2000 AD

Comics is a big world. We hear from four comics critics – Tom Shapira, Tiffany Babb, Chloe Maveal and Zack Quaintance – about what series and characters make 2000 AD unique…

2000 AD Audio Adaptions

How do you take a medium that is a synthesis of words and pictures, and turn it into sound? Acclaimed comedian Desiree Burch talks about audio adaptations of 2000 AD with Future Shocks Radio producer Natt Tapley, Penguin Random House Audio producer Chris Thompson and Paul Powell, who dramatised Judge Dredd stories for BBC Radio One in the 1990s.

The Writer’s Journey

Host Kelly Kanayama talks to writers Al Ewing, Tom Eglington and Ramsey Hassan about writing comics and the writer’s journey…

Pat Mills

A legend of comics and the creator of 2000 AD, Pat Mills talks to graphic novel editor Oliver Pickles about the saga of one of his most famous creations – the Celtic barbarian, Sláine.

John Wagner

Rounding out the first day of The Galaxy’s Greatest is a brand new audio interview with the legendary co-creator of Judge Dredd & Strontium Dog – John Wagner. He talks to Michael Molcher about his career, his latest work, and how he has no plans to retire…

Sunday Panels

The Changing Face of Art

Podcaster Scott Weatherly talks to legendary 2000 AD artists Chris Weston, Jake Lynch, Simon Davis and Steve Yeowell about the changing styles and craft of art in 2000 AD over the past 45 years.

2000 AD: The Next 45 Years

The Sunday panels kick off with a chat with Rebellion owners Jason Kingsley OBE & Chris Kingsley OBE, head of publishing, film & TV Ben Smith, and 2000 AD editor Matt Smith about the past 45 years and the next…

On The Brink with Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard

‘Brink’ is a modern 2000 AD classic which has already established itself as a landmark series. Acclaimed writer Dan Abnett and artist INJ Culbard talk to comics critic Tom Shapira about their critically-acclaimed slow-burn sci-fi horror series.

New Artists

We hear from four of our newest artists Tom Foster (Judge Dredd), Korinna Mei Veropoulou (Harlem Heroes), Dan Cornwell (Judge Dredd) and Anna Morozova (Viva Forever) about the freedoms and legacies of drawing for 2000 AD…

2000 AD, Comics & Satire

Toby Venables talks to comedians Mitch Benn, Dane Baptiste, and Joel Morris about comedy, satire, and how 2000 AD made a freak outta Mitch…

Fantasy 2000 AD Nerve Centre

Podcaster Scott Weatherly talks to artists Simon Fraser, PJ Holden and Liana Kangas about what stories they would put into their ideal issue of 2000 AD in they were Tharg for a day!

The Art of Colours & Letters

We hear from some unsung heroes of 2000 AD – colourists & letterers. Colourist Sally Jane Jurst, legendary letterer Annie Parkhouse, letterer Jim Campbell, and colourist Chris Blythe discuss the vital but often underappreciated art of colour & letters…

2000 AD Art Legends

In an unmissable panel, four of the biggest artistic talents ever to grace the pages of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine – Mick McMahon, Brian Bolland, Frank Quitely and Jock – talk about their work, their influences, and going from 2000 AD to changing the face of comics.

2000 AD, Comics & Satire

Toby Venables talks to comedians Mitch Benn, Dane Baptiste, and Joel Morris about comedy, satire, and how 2000 AD made a freak outta Mitch…

2000 AD: The Great Game(s)

Have you always wanted to step into the shoes of your favourite 2000 AD character and explore their world? We talk to the legendary games creator Sir Ian Livingstone, games developer Andy Chambers and Duncan Molloy from Rebellion’s board games division, Rebellion Unplugged, about 2000 AD board games and RPGs.

Dread: Dredd RPG first ever playthrough!

A brand new version of the award-winning TTRPG game Dread will plunge you and your friends into a thrilling race against time in Mega-City One – with a unique game mechanic that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Designed specifically for 2000 AD’s 45th anniversary by original Dread writer Epidiah Ravachol, Dread: Dredd brings the ENNIE award-winning game to the iconic world of 2000 AD’s ‘Judge Dredd’.

And to round off the 45th birthday celebrations, an intrepid band of democrats attempt to thwart Judge Dredd in the first ever playthrough of this brand new game! Join gamesmaster Grant Howitt, writer Al Ewing, artist PJ Holden and and cartoonist & TTRPG creator Jen Vaughn as they try to usher Walter the Wobot into the limelight and hopefully avoid being shot or cubed by the Judges!

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