San Diego Comic Con got a much-needed injection of Thrill-power as 2000 AD landed with a booth stuffed with ghafflebette delights!

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you some of the highlights of the show, as well as all four of our panels – featuring expert opinions on 2000 AD, the Treasury of British Comics, and Judge Dredd. Plus, don’t miss our special chat with the legend himself, Simon Bisley!

This week, we speak to Judge Dredd: The Feels artist Babs Tarr and cover artist Lisa Wood about the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special and what it’s like to work for Tharg for the first time.

And then it’s off to our first panel – the 2000 AD Thrill-Hour! with special guests Rogue Trooper co-creator Dave Gibbons, Tyranny Rex creative team Liana Kangas and Katy Rex, journalists Graeme McMillan and Jimmy Aquino and a brief appearance by writer Paul Cornell! We chat Sci-Fi Special, 2000 AD in America, and the Rogue Trooper movie news, plus there’s a special announcement about the Mega-City One TV series!

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