After getting his break with 2000 AD at the dawn of the Rebellion era, the work of Boo Cook has become a familiar sight over the past 19 years – its expressiveness and exuberance, combined with an eye for dynamic action and comedic sight-gags, helped establish him as one of a new generation of artists defining modern 2000 AD.

From Future Shocks to A.B.C. Warriors, from Asylum to Judge Dredd, and from Harry Kipling to Anderson: Psi Division, Cook’s unique style hasn’t stopped evolving and he talks at length to Thrill-Cast host Molch-R about painting the backsides of porcelain dogs, his work for 2000 AD, how the ‘pendulum’ of his style swings back and forth, dealing with online criticism, and the development process behind Blunt – his current series for the Megazine with Tom Eglington.

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