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It’s Mega-City One as you’ve never seen it before! This week, Molch-R talks to artist Dave Taylor, one half of the creative team – with writer Kenneth Niemand – behind Megatropolis, the Elseworlds-style alternative take on the world of Judge Dredd. With its art deco stylings and noir atmosphere, this series from the Judge Dredd Megazine has alread proven a hit – and the first collection is out now!

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Disgraced Officer Amy Jarra and Detective Joe ‘Choirboy’ Rico navigate the crime-ridden underbelly of the glamourous Metropolis, attempting to solve the murder of undercover Detective Fisher. Transforming Mega-City One into an art deco cityscape, Niemand and Taylor have spun a tale of futuristic noir with luscious art and jaw-dropping set pieces. Taylor chats to Molch-R about the artistic foundations of the series, reimagining beloved characters, making the familiar unfamiliar, and why he loves working for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.

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