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Welcome to the thirty-ninth of The Lockdown Tapes as The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast continues to broadcast the joys of Thrill-power during the COVID-19 pandemic! Got a theme or interview you’d like to hear? Let us know at thrillcast@2000AD.com

Writer Kenneth Niemand has arrived at 2000 AD not only brimming with ideas about also with his own authorial voice. Crafting some classic Judge Dredd stories as well as co-creating simian rebel Noam Chimpsky, he and artist Dave Taylor have recently begun the ‘Elseworld’ style reimagining of Dredd in ‘Megatropolis’ in the Judge Dredd Megazine. Although not a fan of interviews, he chats to the Thrill-Cast about his background, his views on Dredd, and what he has planned for the future.

Sadly, this year’s New York Comic Con didn’t take place … at least not in the confines of the Javitt’s Centre. For Reedpop’s online ‘Metaverse’ event, Molch-R gathered together critics Evan Narcisse, Chloe Maveal, and Kelly Kanayama, and Judge Dredd writer Arthur Wyatt for the Judge Dredd: Satire & Policing in 2020 panel. This is the full recording of the panel, which asks what Judge Dredd says about this moment in history, whether the character’s satire still stands up, and how the strip can be viewed in relation to the events in the UK and America.

The Thrill-Cast is increasing its broadcasts during this difficult time, so make sure you’re keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe – and stay tuned for more from the Galaxy’s Greatest Podcast!

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