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Welcome to the splendorous sixty-second episode of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast Lockdown Tapes!

This week we delve back into the archives to the Thrill-Cast’s earliest days for an interview with artist Kev Walker. After starting his career on 2000 AD primarily as an inker on Steve Dillon pencils for Rogue Trooper and Harlem Heroes, Walker brought lush and detailed painted fully-painted art to Pat Mills’ ABC Warriors before moving to a bold, pared-down inking style on Judge Dredd classics such as ‘Mandroid’ and ‘Origins’. He talks to a fresh-faced Molch-R about the evolution of his style and working with John Wagner, plus bringing a little Dredd to the mighty world of Marvel!

Over the coming weeks the Thrill-Cast will continue to broadcast every week, with both new episodes and favourite interviews from the past six years – so make sure you’re keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe, and stay tuned for more from the Galaxy’s Greatest Podcast!

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