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Welcome to the thirty-fifth of The Lockdown Tapes as The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast continues to broadcast the joys of Thrill-power during the COVID-19 pandemic! Got a theme or interview you’d like to hear? Let us know at thrillcast@2000AD.com

The Judge Dredd Megazine celebrates 30 years this month and there’s celebrations aplenty – we’ve even got a soundtrack! The creators behind Lawless, the acclaimed Dredd-world frontier series, have teamed up with a band of talented musicians to turn the series all-musical 50th episode into reality! Listen to Dan and actor/musician Jack Gray talk about turning comics into musical chords – and check out the full playlist at 2000ad.com/news/lawlessthemusical/

We then talk to Michael Carroll and John Higgins, the team behind Dreadnoughts, the brand new Megazine series that explores the very foundation of Justice Department in an all-too-real story that sees Judges first deployed to the streets as chaos and disorder threaten to overwhelm America.

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