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Welcome to the forty-fifth episode of The Lockdown Tapes as The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast continues to broadcast the joys of Thrill-power during the COVID-19 pandemic! Got a theme or interview you’d like to hear? Let us know at thrillcast@2000AD.com

It’s December and so the bumper Christmas issue of 2000 AD is on its way! This week we talk to two of the creative teams involved, both focusing on the return of a series – Strontium Dog and Proteus Vex!

Since the tragic loss of Carlos Ezquerra in 2018, Strontium Dog has been on a hiatus but Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer return courtesy of Rob Williams and Laurence Campbell, who have a one-off tale in the Christmas Prog. The Thrill-Cast talks to Rob and Laurence about Westerns, Starlord, and old 2000 AD annuals, as well as Carlos’ incredible artistic legacy.

And Proteus Vex is back! Michael Carroll and Henry Flint’s high concept sci-fi action series returns to 2000 AD, with Jake Lynch now handling art duties. Inbetween complimenting each other, they chat about Henry’s influence on the strip, how the change in artist has affected the strip’s direction, and what’s in store for their “Jason Bourne in space”!

During the pandemic the Thrill-Cast will be broadcasting weekly – so make sure you’re keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe, and stay tuned for more from the Galaxy’s Greatest Podcast!

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