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Welcome to the fascinating fifty-fifth episode of the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast Lockdown Tapes – marking a full year of weekly blasts during the pandemic from the 2000 AD Nerve Centre!

Spring in springing and tentative hope springs eternal regarding the pandemic, so what better time than to ponder the end of the world with writer Rob Williams? The ‘Judge Dredd: End of Days’ collection is out now so Molch-R chats with Williams about the nature of Dredd epics and the influences on ‘End of Days’, before moving on to ramble away about the ABC Warriors, including getting the character of Hammerstein and the London borough of Hammersmith mixed up…

During the pandemic the Thrill-Cast continues to broadcast weekly – so make sure you’re keeping yourselves and your loved ones safe, and stay tuned for more from the Galaxy’s Greatest Podcast!

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