Get ready to celebrate 45 years of the Galax’s Greatest Comic this weekend, Earthlets!

Featuring celebrity fans and legendary creators, The Galaxy’s Greatest online convention will stream online and for free on 26 and 27 March on 2000 AD’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as Rebellion’s dedicated Twitch stream, plus a dedicated Fringe with panels uploaded direct to YouTube. The two-day show features top flight guests and creators on twenty panels, all discussing the impact of 2000 AD on comics and culture over almost half a century!


Can’t catch the whole show? Fear not – all the panels will be uploaded to 2000 AD‘s YouTube Channel for you to watch at your lesiure!

Now scroll down for info on all the zarjaz merch, prints, and panels we’ve got planned, Terrans!



During the show we’ll be unleashing three gorgeous limited edition prints on our webshop, from top artists Chun Lo, Ian McQue and Zoe Thorogood – keep your eyes peeled, Earthlets!

Now check out the timings for what promises to be a fascinating weekend of discussion and fun!




Saturday Main Stream:

12pm – Authors on 2000 AD: Robin Ince (Host), Ian Rankin, Lauren Beukes, Louie Stowell

1pm – The Crisis Generation: Torunn Gronbekk (Host), John McCrea, Sean Phillips, Garth Ennis

2pm – Comics & Politics: Mike Molcher (Host), Ian Dunt, Alex Sobel, Stella Creasy

3pm – Next Gen Writers: Mike Molcher (Host), Alex de Campi, Ales Kot, Rob Williams

4pm – Audio Adaptations: Desiree Burch (Host), Nathaniel Tapley, Chris Thompson, Paul Powell

5 – Pat Mills: interviewed by Oliver Pickles

6 – John Wagner: interviewed by Mike Molcher

Sunday Main Stream:

12pm – 2000 AD: The Next 45 Years: Mike Molcher (Host), Ben Smith, Jason Kingsley, Chris Kingsley, Matt Smith

1pm – New Artists: Mike Molcher (Host), Tom Foster, Korinna Mei Veropoulou, Dan Cornwell, Anna Morozova 

2pm – Comics & Satire: Toby Venebles (Host), Dane Baptiste, Mitch Benn, Joel Morris

2.50pm – The Art of Colour & Letters: Mike Molcher (Host), Sally Jane Hurst, Annie Parkhouse, Jim Campbell, Chris Blythe 

3.55pm – 2000 AD Art Legends: Mike Molcher (Host), Mick McMahon, Brian Bolland, Vincent Deighan (Frank Quitely), Jock

4.50pm – 2000 AD: The Great Game(s): Mike Molcher (Host), Andy Chambers, Ian Livingstone, Duncan Molloy

5.55pm – Judge Dredd RPG Playthrough: Grant Howitt (Host), Al Ewing, Pj Holden, Jen Vaughn


Saturday 12pm – 2000 AD: Beyond Borders: Kelly Kanayama (Host), Arthur Wyatt, Michael Carroll, Chris Burnham

Saturday 2pm – 2000 AD: Beyond the Pages: Sarah Morgan (Host), Rowan Hooper, David Quantick

Saturday 4pm – Critics on 2000 AD: Tom Shapira (Host), Tiffany Babb, Chloe Maveal, Zack Quaintance

Saturday 5pm – The Writer’s Journey: Kelly Kanayama (Host), Al Ewing, Tom Eglington, Ramsey Hassan

Sunday 12pm – The Changing Face of Art: Scott Weatherley (Host), Chris Weston, Jake Lynch, Simon Davis, Steve Yeowell

Sunday 2pm – On the Brink: Tom Shapira (Host), Dan Abnett, INJ Culbard

Sunday 5pm – Fantasy Nerve Centre: Scott Weatherley (Host), Simon Fraser, PJ Holden, Liana Kangas