April will be another Thrill-packed year – get all the skinny on what’s coming out from the House of Tharg three months from now!

Issues of Best of 2000 AD, the Cor! Buster Easter Special2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine and our new graphic novels are available to order from comic book stores from Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine, which is out this week!

Don’t forget – North American readers can order a month’s worth of 2000 AD in a single monthly pack, just enquire at your local comic book store about ordering it!

BEST OF 2000 AD #1

The ultimate 2000 AD mix-tape has arrived! Best of 2000 AD is a brand-new full-color US-size monthly designed for new readers, the essential gateway to the “Galaxy’s Greatest Comic.” Collecting the finest stories of the UK publication’s modern era, Best of 2000 AD features a self-contained 48-page Judge Dredd adventure supported by three of the legendary comic’s stand-out series. Boasting work from legends John Wagner, Alan Moore, and Dan Abnett, with a brand new cover by Jamie McKelvie. WARNING: precision-engineered to thrill.

In stores: 29 April, monthly, £4.99 / $4.99

Cor!! Buster Easter Special

The biggest and brightest humour comic in Britain is back for another 48-page special! A smash hit with kids, the Cor!! Buster Easter Special brings together two of Britain’s most beloved humour comics for 48 pages of belly laughs and silly japes from some of the best creators around, including Lew Stringer and John Freeman on Busterand DelbertSweeny Toddler and Gah! by Tom Paterson, Grimly Feendish by Ned Hartley and Tom Paterson, Frankie Stein by Cavan Scott and Steve Mannion, Daisy Jones’ Locket by Olivia Hicks and Shelli Paroline, Birdman and Chicken by Edward Whatley, Swines of Anarchy by Lee Langford and Pye Parr, Faceache by Matt Smith and John Lucas, Gums by Lizzie Boyle and Abigail Ryder, Deadly Hedley by Paul Goodenough and Rositsa Vangelova, Kid Kong by Alec Worley and Tiernen Travallion, and Duck Turpin by Robin Etherington and David Follett.

In stores: 8 April, £4.99

2000 AD Progs 2175-2179

  • 2175 on sale 1 April 2020
  • 2176 on sale 8 April 2020
  • 2177 on sale 15 April 2020
  • 2178 on sale 22 April 2020
  • 2179 on sale 29 April 2020

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! A super-intelligent ape runs rings around future cop Judge Dredd in ‘The Law According to Chimpsky’ by Kenneth Niemand and PJ Holden; Skip Tracer must stop a global disaster in the finale to ‘Nimrod’  by James Peaty and Paul Marshall; Aquila heads into the fiery underworld on the path to retrieving his soul ‘The Burning Fields’ by Gordon Rennie and Patrick Goddard; and the Survival Geeks are back for their final adventure as they battle parallel-dimension versions of themselves in ‘Crisis of Infinite Nerds’ by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Neil Googe!

32 pages, weekly, £2.99 / $32.80 (per pack)

Cover by PJ Holden


On sale 15 April 2020

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! The lawman’s got a fungal problem in a decrepit corner of the city in ‘Bad Sector’ by Arthur Wyatt and PJ Holden; there’s a fight to the death in the Badlands in Lawless: ‘Boom Town’ by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade; Devlin Waugh faces off against a vengeful enemy in ‘A Very Large Splash’ by Ales Kot and Mike Dowling; there’s a desperate attempt to get off the colony planet Getri-1 in series three of ‘Blunt’ by T.C. Eglington and Boo Cook; and in Zombie Army, the exclusive videogame tie-in written by I, Zombie’s Chris Roberson and illustrated by Andrea Mutti, the Deadhunters have to plough through the undead horde! In addition there’s interviews, features and more – and in the bagged mini-trade, more shape-shifting action in Black Shuck II by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Steve Yeowell!

64 pages (plus bagged 64-page graphic novel), monthly, £5.99 / $13

Cover by PJ Holden

Masters of British Comic Art

  • ISBN: 9781781087596
  • 2 April (UK) 7 April (US)
  • UK £34.99 // US $45
  • Pages: 336 // Hardcover

This wildly entertaining and educational tome is a journey through the history of British comics – from the birth of the 20th century to the ‘80s invasion of American comics! A high-production hardcover compendium perfect as a coffee table book or academic encyclopaedia, Masters of British Comics is painstakingly researched. Behind a brand new cover by superstar artist Brian Bolland, and featuring artwork from a vast number highly-acclaimed artists carefully scanned from original artwork, Masters of British Comic Art is the definitive study and celebration of a beloved industry! Featuring a Who’s Who of talent, including Brian Bolland, Yvonne Hutton, Dave Gibbons, celebrated greats such as Don Lawrence and lost masters like Reg Bunn and Shirley Bellwood. Author and 2000 AD artist David Roach takes us on a journey through time detailing the surprising and fascinating evolution of the art from its humble beginnings to its current world-conquering status.

War Picture Library: Battle of Britain

  • ISBN: 9781781087794
  • 16 April (UK)
  • UK £14.99
  • Pages: 128 // Paperback

The second in the new ‘War Picture Library’ series showcasing the finest combat comics illustrated by legendary and iconic artists. Two true stories of aviation heroism and derring-do – ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘Steel Bats’ – set during the Battle of Britain in 1940 and drawn by comics legend Ian Kennedy! A talented pilot who never loses his determination to defend his country against immense obstacles both technical and personal. A squadron undertakes heart-stopping missions to combat the intense night-time assaults of the Axis air force. Set against the backdrop of the Battle of Britain comes an enthralling collection of aviation and heroism featuring daredevil pilots and the lengths they go to stop the German Luftwaffe attacking Britain.


  • Ian Edginton, Leigh Gallagher, Annie Parkhouse
  • ISBN: 9781781087572
  • 2 April (UK) 7 April (US)
  • £14.99 (UK) $19.99 (US)
  • Pages: 144 // Paperback

‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Independence Day’ in this brand-new fantasy epic from the pages of 2000 AD! The inhabitants of the Nine Kingdoms fought hard to liberate their world from the tyranny of Ichnar the Wraith King. Little did they suspect that a greater threat would soon fall upon them in the form of the Thorn – a race of aliens intent on strip-mining all of the magic from the world. Now old enemies have formed an alliance – Wizard Ablard, ork Crixus and the dryad Princess Yarrow have set aside their differences and are seeking to use the Ebora world spirit against the invaders… Perfect for fans of deconstructed fantasy stories like ‘The Princess Bride’ and ‘Coda’!

The Complete Johnny Future

  • Alf Wallace, Luis Bermejo
  • ISBN: 9781781087589
  • 30 April (UK) 28 April (US)
  • £19.99 (UK) $24.99 (US)
  • Pages: 208 // Hardcover

One of the most memorable comic strips of the 1960s, which asks the question “What if King Kong became Superman”? This is the complete hardcover collection of breathtaking Pulp adventure comics – beloved by fans and the creators it inspired – Alan Moore among them! ‘The Missing Link’ – a creature of limitless strength, is drawn to Britain in pursuit of an expedition party he encountered in his homeland. The man-ape causes havoc until he accidentally stumbles into an experimental nuclear research facility and is bombarded by radiation. Instead of killing him, the creature evolves into an advanced human. Now possessing a genius mind, super-strength, enhanced senses and the ability to fly, as Johnny Future he protects mankind from such sinister beings as The Master, Disastro, Animal Man and the Secret Society of Scientists. Perfect for fans of Rebellion’s only other superhero property – ‘Zenith’, the first superhero saga penned by comics legend, Grant Morrison!