It wouldn’t be summer without the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special – just one of the delights issuing forth from The House of Tharg this July!

Issues of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, the new Sci-Fi Special, and our graphic novels are available to order from comic book stores from Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine, which is out now!

If you want to order any of these titles through your local comic book store, you must place your order by 27th May.

2000 AD Progs 2239-2242 (July Prog Pack)

Prog 2239 on sale 7 July 2021
Prog 2240 on sale 14 July 2021
Prog 2241 on sale 21 July 2021
Prog 2242 on sale 28 July 2021

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Judge Dredd is targeted in ‘Now That’s What I call Justice’ by John Wagner and John Higgins; super-intelligent ape Noam Chimpsky’s adventures in space come to an explosive end in ‘The Talented Mr Chimpsky’ by Ken Niemand and PJ Holden; interdimensional investigators Department K are caught in a warp in ‘Cosmic Chaos’ by Rory McConville and Dan Cornwell; the Downlode A.I. makes its move in ‘Its Own Devices’ by Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell; Nolan Blake has an unexpected reunion in Skip Tracer: ‘Eden’ by James Peaty and Paul Marshall; and Aquila heads into the underworld in ‘The Rivers of Hades’ by Gordon Rennie and Patrick Goddard!

32 pages, weekly, £3.10 / $21 (per pack)


On sale 21 July

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! A major Justice Department figure is kidnapped in ‘Project Providence’ by Rory McConville and Staz Johnson; Devlin Waugh faces the judgement of  Hell in ‘The Reckoning’ by Ales Kot and Mike Dowling; The Returners plunge deeper into the jungle in ‘Amazonia’ by Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli; it’s Brit-Cit gang vs gang in Diamond Dogs II by James Peaty and Warren Pleece; and we return to the Cursed Earth and the ruthless Angel family for a new series of Angelic, ‘Restitution’, by Gordon Rennie and Lee Carter. Plus there’s interviews, features, and in the bagged GN it’s the latest instalment of the epic 2000 AD encyclopedia!

64 pages (+ bagged 64-page supplement), £5.99 / $10.99


On sale 7 July

This year’s 2000 AD summer special is a Dreddworld issue, featuring a series of interlinked stories starring a host of characters – Judge Dredd meets up with Cursed Earth Koburn in ‘Biohazard’ by Mike Carroll and Ben Willsher, while over in Oz Chopper is a wanted man in ‘Dreamgazer’ by David Baillie and Tom Foster, and Armitage seeks out Devlin Waugh in Brit-Cit in ‘Natural Fern Killer’ by Liam Johnson and Robin Smith. Plus Anderson deals with a paranormal threat, scripted by Maura McHugh, and Hondo-Cit Judge Inaba has trouble on her turf, scripted by Karl Stock!

48 pages, £4.99


  • ISBN: 9781781088982
  • 6 July 2021
  • £10.99 / $13.99
  • Pages: 144 // Paperback

The second volume of 2000 AD’s celebrated series of all-ages science fiction stories! It’s a race against time as Cadet Dredd and his clone brother Rico have to defuse a hostage situation in ‘Bad Seeds’. When Judge Anderson encounters a malevolent force trying to turn the kids of Mega-City One into swots she has to RESTORE mayhem to the streets. Other characters include Pandora Perfect: futuristic criminal, terrible babysitter and all round bad ‘un, teenage mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha and the return of ghostbusting duo Finder and Keeper. All this and more in the second volume of 2000 AD’s celebrated series of all-ages science fiction stories!


  • ISBN: 9781781089323
  • 20 July 2021
  • £19.99 / $24.99
  • Pages: 256 // Paperback

The best-selling Treasury of British Comics archival series The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire reaches its third thrilling volume.

This is the epic story of the Trigan Empire’s rise and fall, and of how Trigo, often alone, had to fend off usurpers and monstrous threats to save his people. The lush painted comic art that Don Lawrence produced in this period would solidify him as one of the greatest comic book artists of all time.

Collected within are all the Trigan Empire stories published in chronological order including the never before reprinted short stories not illustrated by Don Lawrence, to give you the complete saga of the Trigan Empire.


  • ISBN: 9781781088975
  • 22 July 2021
  • £19.99
  • Pages: 288 // Paperback

He’s been a thorn in Dredd’s side since the Apocalypse War, but will Orlok the Assassin finally be brought to justice? The latest in the best-selling series of Judge Dredd’s adventures sees the future lawman and the Sov killer come face-to-face for what could be the last time. Will justice be served? Or will Orlok escape again? Meanwhile, Dredd investigates the twisted machinations of Judge Edgar, the Machiavellian head of the Public Surveillance Unit, and superstar writer Garth Ennis (PreacherThe Boys) returns to write his final Dredd story, drawn by John Higgins (Watchmen).