Wartime heroes, warrior women, Judge Dredd in action, Roy of the Rovers at death’s door, and new comics from two of Britain’s most popular titles ‘for girls’ – get all the skinny on what’s coming out from the House of Tharg this June!

Issues of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, the new special Black Beth special, and our graphic novels are available to order from comic book stores from Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine, which is out now!

If you want to order any of these titles through your local comic book store, you must place your order by 22nd April.

2000 AD Progs 2234-2238 (June Prog Pack)

Prog 2234 on sale 2 June 2021
Prog 2235 on sale 9 June 2021
Prog 2236 on sale 16 June 2021
Prog 2237 on sale 23 June 2021
Prog 2238 on sale 30 June 2021

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Four new stories start in #2234 – vengeance is in the air in Judge Dredd: ‘Now That’s What I call Justice’ by John Wagner and John Higgins; super-intelligent ape Noam Chimpsky gets his own series in Chimpsky’s Law: ‘The Talented Mr Chimpsky’ by Ken Niemand and PJ Holden; spinning off from the Regened issues, interdimensional investigators Department K plunge into ‘Cosmic Chaos’ by Rory McConville and Dan Cornwell; and Cyd is back and heading deeper into the universe in Book Two of The Out by Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison. Plus fantasy thriller Feral & Foe by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson comes to its fiery finale!

32 pages, weekly, £3.10 / $21 (per pack)


On sale 16 June

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! A foreign agent causes trouble for Justice Department in new Dredd story ‘Project Providence’ by Rory McConville and Staz Johnson; Devlin Waugh descends into Hell in ‘The Reckoning’ by Ales Kot and Mike Dowling; The Returners find dangers lurk in the jungle in ‘Amazonia’ by Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli; Nia works against the Brit-Cit gangs in Diamond Dogs II by James Peaty and Warren Pleece; and it’s the final battle against the Dark Judges in Deliverance by David Hine and Nick Percival – and in the bagged mini-trade this month, the demon robot Mechastopheles is mankind’s last hope, by Gordon Rennie, Lawrence Rennie and Karl Richardson!

64 pages (+ bagged 64-page supplement), £5.99 / $10.99


  • ISBN: 9781786184757
  • 23 June 2021 (UK)
  • £4.99 // $4.99
  • Pages: 48

After her appearance in the Scream! & Misty Special, the sword-swinging Black Beth is back by popular demand!  Written by Alec Worley (Durham Red) and drawn by DaNi (Coffin Bound), Beth is a warrior-woman born in anger and forged in rage. She and her blind aide Quido have travelled to the wicked city of Shadrivar, in search of the evil witch Anis-Amuun. Many think that she is long dead, but a mage called Estevan believes otherwise. He charges Beth with a quest to destroy the witch, initiating a sea-spanning quest which pits Beth’s curved blade against all manner of mystical creatures…and possibly Anis-Amuun herself!


  • ISBN: 9781781087664
  • 24 June 2021
  • £14.99 / $19.99
  • Pages: 64 // Hardcover

Two stories of soaring combat as the master of Euro comics, Hugo Pratt, meets the classic comic book air ace who’s as skilled a fighter on land as he is in his Spitfire! Reprinted in graphic novel form for the first time, these two fast-paced Battler Britton stories from 1960 – Wagons of Gold and Rockets of Revenge – are drawn by the legendary artist behind Corto Maltese.  In this thrilling collection, Britton helps resistance fighters smuggle gold from Nazi occupied Yugoslavia, before escorting a ballistics expert on his mission to analyse an unexploded V2 rocket in Poland!


  • ISBN: 9781781088951
  • 22 June 2021 (UK)
  • £14.99 / $19.99
  • Pages: 128 // Paperback

A deathbed request sends Judge Dredd on a diplomatic mission to Guatemala, a dictatorship ruled by the despotic robot El Presidente. Under the military rule of robots, humans are enslaved, trafficked and farmed for parts. El Presidente seeks to expand its repressive regime – and if Mega-City One doesn’t give into its demands, its nuclear arsenal will blow the city off the map! From legendary Judge Dredd scribe John Wagner and fan favourite artist Colin MacNeil comes an action-packed Dredd tale of robots and revolution! Also featuring bonus Dredd stories with art by Carlos Ezquerra and Henry Flint!


  • ISBN: 9781781088968
  • 10 June 2021 (UK)
  • £19.99
  • Pages: 176 // Hardcover

The dawn of this new decade was one that Melchester Rovers would want to forget. The 80/81 season was far from their finest hour with the threat of relegation snapping at their heels all throughout the season and exits from the F.A. Cup and the European Cup leaving the trophy cabinet bare. For star striker Roy Race it couldn’t be worse. His obsession with the team had caused a strain on his marriage and fractured his relationship with teammates like the hot-headed Vic Guthrie. And then there was an attempt on his life… After being shot in December 1981, Roy lay in a coma for several weeks while Sir Alf Ramsey stepped into the dugout for Melchester. Life in a lower division beckons, but at least the Rovers will be the most stylish team on the pitch with their new Gola sponsored kits! This book collects the most sensational storyline from Roy of the Rovers history.


  • ISBN: 9781781089316
  • June 10 2021 (UK)
  • £12.99
  • Pages: 112 // Paperback

From sports drama through romance and action Tammy and Jinty Remixed pays tribute to the past while blazing a trail for girls’ comics of the future! Collecting the critically-acclaimed Tammy and Jinty specials from 2019 and 2020, this 112 page anthology includes contributions from some of the most exciting female creators working in the industry today. New characters such as Rocky Race, ace footballer are showcased with updated classic characters like Cat Girl, Bella at the Bar and the Justice of Justine. This collection also includes exclusive new interviews and features, plus a reprint of the fan favourite classic Cat Girl strip.