Who is the rubber-faced ruffian gurning and scrunging his way through the Cor!! Buster Humour Special?!

Why, it’s none other than Ricky Rubberneck – aka Faceache!

The boy with a “bendable bonce”, Ricky’s skin stretches like rubber and he can scrunge his face into anything, whether it’s mimicing others or turning into monstrous creatures – but somehow he usually ends up coming a cropper!

And now he’s back in the Cor!! Buster Humour Special, courtesy of writer Ned Hartley and artist Steve Mannion – and he’s even more gruesome! Make sure you check out how Ricky’s malleable mug gets him into trouble in this 48-page special, packed with stories, puzzles, and more!

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  • First appearing in Jet in October 1971, and continuing in Buster, Faceache was created by the legendary cartoonist Ken Reid. The character was also also drawn by Frank McDiarmid, with scripts credited to Ken Reid, Roy Davies and Warrior publisher Dez Skinn, among others. His adventures came to an end in October 1988, but his stories are being collected by the Treasury of British Comics.

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