He’s the adorable ape with an insane love of bananas – and now he’s back in the Cor!! Buster Humour Special!

As a big ape, Kid Kong spent his days as a circus attraction, feared and mocked by the public and kept by a circus owner who restricted him to a measly single banana a day!

So, one night, he broke out and went looking for more ‘nanas! He stole a school uniform and pretended to look just like a regular kid – and that brought him to the door of Granny Smith, the near-sighted, hard-of-hearing old lady who’s been like a … well … granny to him ever since!

And now he’s back, courtesy of writer Alec Worley, artist Tiernen Trevallion, colourist Jim Boswell, and letterer A. Mann in the Cor!! Buster Humour Special, which is on sale now!

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  • First appearing as the cover star of Monster Fun #1 in 1975, Kid Kong was created by Robert Nixon and later drawn by Rob Lee. He later transferred to sister title Buster when the two titles merged, and his advanetures lasted until January 1982.