Who’s the baby-faced terror cutting a swathe of destruction through the pages of the new Cor!! Buster Humour Special?!

It’s Sweeny Toddler – the demon baby!

Along with his partner-in-crime, Henry Dog, Sweeny is the bane of parents, park-keepers, dog wardens, and babysitters everywhere – a nappy-clad whirlwind of chaos who’s never shy of causing as much destruction has he can whenever he doesn’t get his way!

And now he’s back in the Cor!! Buster Humour Special, courtesy of artist Tom Paterson, who worked on the strip in the 1980s. When Sweeny’s long-suffering folks become exhausted by his reign of terror, they try to put him into a nursery so they can get a day of rest – but it’s never that simple with Sweeny, and the nursery teacher soon discovers that this is one toddler who can’t be tamed!

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  • Created by Leo Baxendale, Sweeny Toddler first appeared in Shiver and Shake in March 1973. His escapades lasted a whopping 27 years, ending in January 2000! Writer Graham Exton and artist Tom Paterson worked on the character in the 1980s, when the chaos was dialled up to 11! He later appeared in Whoopee! as well as Whizzer and Chips, and then Buster.