Some of the biggest artists in comic books got their break at the legendary award-winning 2000 AD – and you could be joining them!

2000 AD Art Stars gives artistic Earthlets the chance to submit pin-ups based on a classic 2000 AD character. The winner, chosen by the editorial team at 2000 AD, will be published in a future edition of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – AND they’ll get paid for it!

This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of some of comics’ greatest artistic talents!

Rebellion is pleased to announce the new theme for the 2000 AD Art Stars competition:


They’re the meanest, nastiest family you’ll find from the Western Badlands to the Alabama Morass – this sadistic criminal clan was led by patriarch, Elmer ‘Pa’ Angel, and included lunk-headed Link, evil poisoner Fink, head-butting maniac Mean Machine, and the sociopathic Junior.

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Mick McMahon, they were some of the original Dreddverse characters to appear in the 1995 Judge Dredd movie – played by Scott Wilson (Pa), Christopher Adamson (Mean), Ewan Bremner (Junior) and Phil Smeeton (Link).

Originally from Texas City, they soon based themselves in the Cursed Earth where they could prey on mutants and human travellers alike. In ‘The Judge Child’ (2000 AD Progs 156-181), Pa sought to make a profit by kidnapping the powerful psychic mutant Owen Krysler. Unlucky for the gang, Judge Dredd had been tasked with recovering the child after a Psi Division predicted he would be the future saviour of Mega-City One.

After pursuing them across the cosmos, Dredd finally tracked the gang down to the planet Xanadu, where he apparently killed them all. But the Angels are a tough breed and whether resurrected from the dead or miraculously escaping, they lived to return to haunt Dredd and Mega-City One again and again!


For details of how to enter, please click here to read the terms and conditions.

The winner of Art Stars will have their work published in an issue 2000 AD while two runners-up will receive zarjaz 2000 AD graphic novels! Check out the previous Art Stars winners Mark MontagueEv Shipard, Chris SkinnerDan Chase, Frederico ArevaloNeil McClementUwe De Witt, and Matt Clarke!

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