It’s the competition that gives you the chance to see your art appear in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, and Rebellion is delighted to announce the latest winner of 2000 AD Art Stars!

2000 AD Art Stars is the online competition where budding artists produce their take on a classic 2000 AD character. Editor Tharg the Mighty then chooses one to be printed in a future issue of 2000 AD – and the winner gets paid for their art too!

The theme this time was Robo-Hunter. Created by writers John Wagner and Alan Grant and artist Ian Gibson, Sam Slade is one of the classic 2000 AD characters. Inspired by Humphrey Bogart’s hard-boiled detective in The Maltese Falcon, world-weary Sam Slade spends his days hunting down errant robots, all the while yearning for the good life. But instead he gets caught up in increasingly unbelievably – and hilarious – situations that threaten to overwhelm his stoicism, not helped by his companions – the idiotic kit-built robot Hoagy and the robotic cigar Stogie (a disturbing prediction of the vaping craze). Sam’s first story, ‘Verdus’, launched a series that was irreverent, silly, and instantly popular. Gibson’s artwork, especially in the earlier stories, is a cornucopia of detail, from his brilliant robot designs to the expressiveness of his characters – all the while Sam’s gnarled, weary face goggle-eyed at the insanity of his world.

So congratulations to the winner – Toby Willsmer!

And well done to runner-ups Federico Gennari and Andrew Strachan. They’ll both get a zarjaz graphic novel bundle!

The theme for the next 2000 AD Art Stars competition will be announced on Monday 25 January. Check out the details, and terms and conditions, here!